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The outbreak is a mirror: On COVID-19 in a failing state.


Every step along the way has been about keeping good ideas from happening. They were always there... you had nurses, doctors, meatpackers - everybody had some good ideas about mitigating the outbreak and moving us forward, and every step along the way the bourgeoisie and political class quashed it to keep a system running that had a particular profit margin.

Evolutionary epidemiologist Rob Wallace examines the spread of COVID-19 across a United States in the grip of deathdrive capital and under the thumb of a political class with no goal but profit for the rich and elimination of everything that stands in the way.

Rob is author of the new book Dead Epidemiologists: On the Origins of COVID-19 from Monthly Review Press.

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Rob Wallace

Rob Wallace is an evolutionary epidemiologist who has consulted with the Food and Agriculture Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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