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Pandemic municipalism and everyday politics in Barcelona.


It's a strategy - in its ideal form - of in-person assemblies where everyone brings their own knowledge and experience to the table as equals, listens to each other, empathizes with each other, and starts to build a conception of the common good. It's also about transforming ourselves through these collective processes so what we can become more empowered - but in a collective and individual sense.

Writer Kate Shea Baird explores the work of Barcelona En Comú, mid-pandemic - building links between representative politics and direct democracy, bridging the gap between workers and political power, and bringing people together in a time of quarantine and mass isolation.

Kate wrote the article Lessons from the pandemic for the municipalists in Spain for ROAR Magazine.

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Kate Shea Baird

Kate Shea Baird is a Barcelona-based researcher and local democracy advocate.


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