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Force-feeding, isolation and the torture of imprisonment.

Jun 22 2019

There's a long history of hunger strikes and force feeding in American prisons, and the people who performed the force feedings in Guantanamo had people travel from ADX train them - most definitely medical providers from H Unit. So those practices were quite literally imported to Guantanamo from the American prison system. That indicates that we see Guantanamo as this outlier - but actually it's an extension of what we've been doing to incarcerated people for a long time.

Journalist Aviva Stahl reports on the case of Mohammad Salameh, a supermax prisoner subjected to longterm isolation and repeated force-feeding in retaliation for hunger strikes over his conditions, and the deep injustice towards incarcerated people in America, somehow both secret and public at the same time.

Aviva wrote the report Force-Feeding Is Cruel, Painful, and Degrading—and American Prisons Won’t Stop for The Nation.

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Aviva Stahl

Aviva Stahl is a Brooklyn-based journalist who primarily writes about prisons, national security, and immigration detention.


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