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School is a tracking device: On deschooling as abolitionist practice.


The neoliberal onslaught on schools, charter schools, privatization, the attack on the humanities - all these things are a sign of where capitalism is at. School, in the form we know it in capitalist society, has always been about disciplining and managing us for capitalism. If we're thinking about ending prisons, we have to think about schools not as the antidote to prisons, but as the accomplice. The two are part of the same problem - capitalist society.

Writer Sujani K. Reddy examines deschooling, as a radical lesson in abolitionist politics - as the demands and logic of capitalism corrupt the institutions of public education, we must revalue knowledge itself, outside schools and within our communities, if we are to reclaim the classroom and education for the good of the people.

Sujani wrote the chapter We Don’t Need No Education: Deschooling as an Abolitionist Practice in the book Abolishing Carceral Society from Common Notions

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Sujani Reddy

Sujani K. Reddy is a writer and educator based in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC.


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