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Episode 1046

Locked In

Mar 10 2019

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adrienne maree brown

You have to be able to feel: On the power of pleasure activism.

Writer adrienne maree brown explores the radical, liberatory potential of pleasure - to reclaim the self from the bounds of oppression, to restore our relationships with other people and the planet, and to imagine (and inhabit) the future worlds we hope to win with our activism.

adrienne is author of the book Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good from AK Press.



Sujani Reddy

School is a tracking device: On deschooling as abolitionist practice.

Writer Sujani K. Reddy examines deschooling, as a radical lesson in abolitionist politics - as the demands and logic of capitalism corrupt the institutions of public education, we must revalue knowledge itself, outside schools and within our communities, if we are to reclaim the classroom and education for the good of the people.

Sujani wrote the chapter We Don’t Need No Education: Deschooling as an Abolitionist Practice in the book Abolishing Carceral Society from Common Notions



Greg Grandin

The whole world is border: On the wall at the end of American expansion.

Historian Greg Grandin traces America's imperial journey from frontier to border wall - as the centuries-long expansion of force and capital that propelled US growth reaches the physical limits of possibility, the nation finds itself trapped by reactionary nativism and its own failures to imagine a future within its own borders.

Greg wrote the book The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America from Metropolitan Books.



Meagan Day

We can have a different reality: On democratic socialism, President Bernie and the path to power.

Jacobin writer Meagan Day examines the present and future of democratic socialism in the US - as a movement balancing short term goals of reform, electoral gains and renewed class politics with the longterm objective of overthrowing capitalism - and explains how much a President Bernie Sanders might get us from here to there.

Meagan wrote the articles Democratic socialism, explained by a democratic socialist for Vox and Wielding the Imperial Presidency for Jacobin.



Jeff Dorchen

Some thoughts on knowing what we now know we know, now.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen consumes trending content on a popular digital platform and has all kinds of thoughts about what we think now, and what we know about what we thought back then, and our blindspots when we look in the mirror, and what kind of apes we really are

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