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Episode 1012

Doom and Bloom

Jul 14 2018

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Maximillian Alvarez

Control, delete: On waste, progress and the end-stage user license agreement.

Writer Maximillian Alvarez explores the sanctity of waste and ownership in the digital age - as refurbisher Eric Lundgren is imprisoned for criminal recycling, our values around ownership and technological progress are increasingly shaped not just by the products we consume, but corporations and a subservient state.

Maximillian wrote the article The Death of Media for The Baffler.



Anna Clark

How to poison a city: Inside the managed crisis of Flint, Michigan.

Journalist Anna Clark traces the toxic politics that poisoned the people of Flint - from the actions of state and local officials under financial emergency management, to the large-scale structural problems deep within American society - of racialized, strategic inequality, and the corrosion of the notion of a universal, public good.

Anna is author of The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy from Metropolitan Books.



Roy Scranton

Learning to live on a dying planet.

Writer Roy Scranton looks at the signs of this doomed civilization - a collapsing political system, massive environmental degradation and a future of inevtiable, irreversible climate change - and explains why the thrilling and terrifying task required of us is to let go of this world and create a new one, together, while there's still time.

Roy is author of We're Doomed. Now What? Essays on War and Climate Change from Soho Press.



Matt Broomfield, Tolhildan

It feels like everyday life under the revolution: Growing a new world in Rojava.

Matt Broomfield and Tolhildan of The Internationalist Commune of Rojava discuss the daily work of ecological and social revolution - from restoring the health of liberated lands, to learning new ways of living and working together.

Matt wrote the op-ed Here’s why we’re planting trees in northern Syria for The Independent. Dog Section Press is raising funds to publish the commune's book Make Rojava Green Again.

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Ted Sirota

Degenerate Artists Against Fascism.

Musician Ted Sirota explores the history of banned Degenerate Art (Entartete Kunst) in Hitler's Germany, and the parallels for artists (and everyeone else) in Trump's America.

Ted will be playing live at Saturday's This is Hell! Anniversary Party and Art Show.