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Notes on the left's ideological battle with the right - and center.


The far right is good at psuedo-radicalism, but at the end of the day, it's prepared to subordinate people to capital. It's not a systemic threat, even though it claims to be an anti-systemic force. Whereas the radical left, if it's able to connect the collective power of ordinary people, does pose a challenge to the economic system, and to the rule of capital.

Activist Kevin Ovenden discusses the work of building a left movement to challenge war, racism and the rule of capital - and why the left must confront not just a resurgent far right, but a political center that co-opts the language and energy of the left into policies that protect and empower war, racism and the rule of capital.

Kevin wrote the posts The anti-racist radical left must give the ideological battle and Unite the left and anti-racist movements against cynical right-wing disruption at his site. He's giving a talk in Chicago on Monday night titled Why LGBTQs (& everyone) Should Support Palestinian Rights.

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Kevin Ovenden

Kevin Ovenden is a writer and socialist activist.


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