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Episode 977

Mourning Talk

Nov 4 2017

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Cindy Milstein

Why do we wait? On the revolutionary potential of death and grief.

Writer Cindy Milstein explains how death and grief connect us to the collective nature of the human experience, revealing the potential for solidarity and compassion in the face of capitalism's commodification of the self, and showing us a new way of living together, right now, while we still have the time.

Cindy is the editor and a contributor to the essay collection Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief from AK Press.



Kate Manne

She doesn't really belong where she is: On the logic of misogyny.

Philosopher Kate Manne examines the moral logic of misogyny - as a system of values and violence working to protect male dominance of society, and a complex mechanism that genders and inequalizes notions of care and freedom, replicating abuse and exploitation across public and private realms.

Kate is author of Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny from Oxford University Press.



Carl Anthony

Building cities on a platform of racial and environmental justice.

Activist Carl Anthony examines the hidden structures maintaining racial segregation and economic inequality in American cities, and charts a new path towards democratic urban planning directed not by capitalism, but by social welfare and environmental justice for all inhabitants of our society.

Carl is author of the memoir The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race from New Village Press.



Lucas Koerner

Why Chavismo won, again, in Venezuela's October elections.

Caracas-based political analyst Lucas Koerner reports on Chavismo's victory in Venezuela's October gubernatorial elections - as voters overwhelmingly rejected the opposition right's campaign of violence and instability, and explains why the PSUV party must look beyond its enemies, domestic and international, to address the country's deep economic crisis.

Lucas wrote the piece Why Chavismo Won for Venezuelanalysis.



Alyssa Battistoni

Building a working class green movement with the jobs we already have.

Jacobin editor Alyssa Battistoni looks beyond the non-politics of the Democratic Party's response to the looming disaster of climate change, and towards the possibilities of a mass movement directed at addressing both jobs and the environment, building solidarity between today's workers and creating tomorrow's economy on a platform of less emissions, less work, and more care.

Alyssa wrote the article Living, Not Just Surviving for Jacobin.



Greg Palast

Why people explode: Notes on Vegas shooter Steven Paddock.

Investigative journalist Greg Palast remembers high school shop class with eventual Vegas shooter Steven Paddock, and explains how they shared a dead end childhood on the wrong side of capitalism's class war, and why he understands the anger and resentment that make people explode.

Greg wrote the piece I went to school with the Vegas shooter at his website.



Jeff Dorchen

A few thoughts on bigotry, otherness and the rotting meat pile.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen considers that violent other, always lurking, violent and all other-like, in the imagination of the president, or the memories of baby rats, or in a Las Vegas hotel room, threatening to send us to the only place we, and the other, and all the others can finally be as one - the giant, inevitable meat-pile of death.

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