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Episode 971


Sep 23 2017

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Aidan McGarry

A nation without territory: Romaphobia and the borders of European identity.

Author Aidan McGarry examines the origins and persistence of Romaphobia in Europe as an enduring political and ideological discrimination mechanism tied to the rise of the nation state, and explains how a recent movement centered around cultural pride could (slowly) push for inclusion and equal treatment for Roma people in communities across Europe.

Aidan is author of Romaphobia: The Last Acceptable Form of Racism from Zed Books / University of Chicago Press.



Eleanor Finley

Municipalism is rethinking power and freedom, in cities and across the globe.

Writer Eleanor Finley explores the revolutionary potential of today's (and tomorrow's) municipal movements - mobilizing urban areas to reclaim power from both the state and capitalism, and challenging citizens to re-engage with the most basic values of freedom and democracy in our lives and in our communities.

Eleanor wrote the article The New Municipal Movements for ROAR Magazine.



May Jeong

The US has the war, and the warlords, it has always wanted in Afghanistan.

Journalist May Jeong examines the fracturing of Afghanistan under 16 years of US-lead, off-record, war-lord empowering occupation, passed unchanged from US President to US President, and explains why a Balkanized country patrolled by armed groups, local elites and foreign governments is exactly what America wants in a warzone.

May wrote the feature The U.S.-Trained Warlords Committing Atrocities in Afghanistan for In These Times.



Herb Boyd

A timeline of struggle and self-determination in Black Detroit.

Historian Herb Boyd traces the long legacy of African Americans in Detroit - as migrants seeking freedom from slavery, as organizers building and defending social welfare and labor rights in the face of White supremacy, and as industrial and cultural innovators influencing the world far beyond Detroit's city limits.

Herb is author of the book Black Detroit: A People's History of Self-Determination from Amistad Books.



Nikil Saval

How Uber and Lyft put oligarchs in the driver's seat.

n+1 Editor Nikil Saval explains how ride-sharing corporations Uber and Lyft rose to power by dodging regulations and buying off the political class, and are taking Americans down a road of more traffic, more pollution, less worker rights (and fewer workers) and a degraded public transport with no one to lobby on its behalf.

The editors of n+1 wrote the essay Disrupt the Citizen in their latest issue.



Jeff Dorchen

Don't forget, you are a job and you have a job to do.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen does his job considering the jobs we all have to do in this country - from the house cleaners and senile politicians to the ICE agents and unfunny late night talk show hosts - working together to keep this whole thing rolling, steadily onward, to the cliff's edge just on the horizon.

Read the transcript here