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Municipalism is rethinking power and freedom, in cities and across the globe.


The state and capitalism rob us of our material necessities, they keep us in a state of material injustice - but actually the meaning that these institutions take away from our lives is just as important. I think that municipalism as an emerging set of ideas has the ability to allow people to talk in those terms again, and to start thinking about what meaning our lives have.

Writer Eleanor Finley explores the revolutionary potential of today's (and tomorrow's) municipal movements - mobilizing urban areas to reclaim power from both the state and capitalism, and challenging citizens to re-engage with the most basic values of freedom and democracy in our lives and in our communities.

Eleanor wrote the article The New Municipal Movements for ROAR Magazine.

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Eleanor Finley

Eleanor Finley is a writer, teacher and a PhD student in anthropology the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


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