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Episode 1070

Bering Down

Aug 24 2019

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Bathsheba Demuth

On Beringia, and the space between humans and nature.

Environmental historian Bathsheba Demuth explores life and death in the Arctic region of Beringia - a space where scarcity and extreme weather challenge modern society's notions of growth and consumption, and starkly reveal our relationship to the natural world, and the deaths we rely on to live.

Bathsheba is author of Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait from Norton Books.



P.E. Moskowitz

The problem with free speech in an unfree world.

Writer P.E. Moskowitz examines the limits of the First Amendment in American society - as a concept rooted in an equality that will never exist in a capitalist society, and as a cultural battleground almost exclusively fought on the right's terms - for the right's gains.

P.E. is author of The Case Against Free Speech: The First Amendment, Fascism, and the Future of Dissent from Bold Type Books.



Jeff Dorchen

Maybe it’s time to give the fascists another chance.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen spends part of his time in between fascist periods thinking about fascists and fascism, and what non-fascists have done (and haven't done) in the last 70 years, and the tidy solutions of a bloodthirsty, maniacal elite, and a choice we can't even choose to make.

Read the transcript here



Ibram X. Kendi

The challenge of antiracist thought to a racist society.

Historian Ibram X. Kendi discusses racism and antiracism in American society - from the production and maintenance of racist thought to disguise inequity and manipulate the working class, to the promise of an antiracist challenge to the power structures that divide people from each other and a future lived in communion with all people.

Ibram is author of How To Be An Antiracist from One World Literature.

Ibram will be speaking at Evanston Township High School this Friday Sept 6th at 7PM.



Katie Halper

Understanding the New York Times's anti-Sanders campaign.

Writer / podcaster Katie Halper examines the ideological bias deep in the New York Times's coverage of Bernie Sanders, revealing the class loyalty of the paper's reporters and editors, and the fundamental liberal-left conflict that must be won (by the left) for the working class to have any chance at beating Trump in 2020.

Katie wrote the articles Sydney Ember’s Secret Sources and  MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Makes It Forget How to Do Math for FAIR.



Brian Mier

Smoke from a thousand miles away: Who set the Amazon on fire?

Live from Sao Paulo, Brian Mier reports from under the cloud of the burning Amazon - as swathes of the rainforest go up in flames, decades of 'development' policies imposed by the Global North and destructive extractive and agricultural export complex unleashed by president Jair Bolsonaro lit a thousand matches in the jungle.

Brian wrote the article The Day the Sky Went out for Brasilwire.