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You have to be able to feel: On the power of pleasure activism.


I think the only way we'll get to experience abundance and pleasure and contentment on this planet is if we start to orient ourselves towards collective pleasures. I think if we orient towards individual pleasure, we go down this path towards individual excess and individual greed. A lot of what we understand about the way capitalism works in this country is rooted in this idea that we're individuals, that we're not interdependent and interconnected on this planet.

Writer adrienne maree brown explores the radical, liberatory potential of pleasure - to reclaim the self from the bounds of oppression, to restore our relationships with other people and the planet, and to imagine (and inhabit) the future worlds we hope to win with our activism.

adrienne is author of the book Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good from AK Press.

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adrienne maree brown

adrienne maree brown is a writer, social justice facilitator focused on black liberation, a doula/healer, and a pleasure activist.


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