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Episode 1033

No Debate

Dec 8 2018

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Martha Pskowski

We are a rebel project: On caravans and cross-border solidarity.

Writer Martha Pskowski examines the cross-border solidarity powering the migrant caravans - as migrants and the communities they pass through struggle to survive under the crises of global capital and climate change, regular people are forming powerful networks of support and solidarity beyond the framework of conventional politics and the mainstream media.

Martha wrote the article The Rebel Project of the Caravan: Solidarities and Setbacks for Viewpoint Magazine.



Mason Herson-Hord

Beware suburban fascists: On the dangers of reactionary local politics.

Organizer Mason Herson-Hord previews the dangers of anti-democratic, reactionary localism - as the left looks towards municipalism to combat the power of a growing nationalist right, efforts must center values of democratic interdependence and internationalist cooperation to avoid losing more (local) ground to the fascist wave.

Mason is co-author of the article 'Dark municipalism' - the dangers of local politics for The Ecologist.

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Zenobia Jeffries Warfield

Between grassroots economic ventures and Black wealth.

Writer Zenobia Jeffries Warfield explains why grassroots economics don't necessarily generate wealth in impoverished Black and Brown communities - while cooperatives and community farms deliver jobs, goods and income to the poor, overthrowing the financial and legal structures of racism requires policy changes beyond the local level.

Zenobia wrote the article Why Co-ops and Community Farms Can’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap for Yes!



Mychal Denzel Smith

To the needy master: On Black public thought under White supremacy.

Writer Mychal Denzel Smith explores the burden of presenting the Black experience to a White audience - from the demands of media gatekeepers to constantly explain and justify the basic humanity of Black people, to the active passivity of a White society uninterested in examining the historical or present consequences of their status atop American society.

Mychal wrote the article The Gatekeepers: On the Burden of the Black Public Intellectual for Harper's.



Aisling McCrea

Debate is stupid. Don't change my mind.

Writer Aisling McCrea argues with the internet about the merits of self-care and debate - from the grim entertainment spectacle of online debate that mostly serves to promote the careers of right wing confidence men and obscures real thinking and learning, to the ways self-care ideology papers over a mental healthcare crises in the neoliberal era.

Aisling wrote the articles Self-Care Won't Save Us for Current Affairs and Resolved: Debate Is Stupid for The Outline.



Jeff Dorchen

The tale of a hundred and one Wellbutrins.

In a Moment of Truth, Jeff Dorchen spins a tale of depression medicine, Canadian pharmacy problems, Indian pill packaging, debit cards, work related travel, mental illness, grammatical innovation, Disney villains, empathy, the social order, and the stack of pills (just barely) keeping everything in its place.

Read the transcript here