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There will always be warriors ready: #StandingRock, #NoDAPL and the war for tomorrow.


They thought they were out here trying to protect the land, protect the water, protect the Mother Earth - they didn't view it as a war. They didn't have the weapons to make violence against the state. They were people putting themselves together, building a community out of love. And the opposite side was gearing up as a hateful machine to push through a corporate agenda, to push fossil extraction that's essential eradicating our way of life on this Earth.

Journalist Niko Georgiades discusses his experience on the front lines of the Dakota Access Pipeline fight - from the courage and idealism of the water protectors to the lazy, cynical reporting of the corporate media, and the looming specter of state violence from a war machine turned on its own people to protect elite power.

Unicorn Riot released a documentary on the Stand Rock / Dakota Access Pipeline resistance, Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story.

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Niko Georgiades

Niko Georgiades is a journalist with the media collective Unicorn Riot.


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