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On the bonds and boundaries between African American and Latino political activism.


If you talk about police violence, I do think it's important for Black Lives Matter activists to acknowledge that Latinos are affected similarly, and differently. If you're talking about undocumented immigrants and border violence, those are two completely different dynamics, as it applies to native-born Latinos. And we can't forget that many Latinos are Black, and face the same amount of police harassment as African Americans - a lot of the time that can be swept under the rug because of this idea that most Latinos are mixed-race or Mexican-American.

Historian Aaron Fountain explains how the Movement for Black Lives is shaping current Latino activism, and explores the modern history of African American and Latino social movement crossover - from radical urban resistance in the Civil Rights era, to the way immigration and race influence today's struggles for justice.

Aaron wrote the article How African American Activists are Influencing Latinos for Black Perspectives.

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Aaron Fountain

Aaron G. Fountain, Jr. is a writer and Ph.D. student in the Department of History at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.


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