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Many homes for dark dollars: On the known unknowns of Trumpism's private capital.


The Trump Organization isn't really one company, it's a bunch of limited liability companies, many of which are shell companies registered is 'secrecy jurisdiction' - and those shell companies really only exist to receive and disburse money, a lot like what we call 'pass-through' groups in the nonprofit world, which is interestingly a great gambit of the Koch donor network.

Writer Adele Stan examines the dark money personal fortunes of the Trump White House before they hit the political jackpot - as a web of allegiances and favors forged in private, and a series of scams committed against the public - and explains how the richest administration in history cashed out in ways we might never know.

Adele wrote the article What We Do Is Secret: Trumpism as a private-capital scam for The Baffler.

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Adele Stan

Adele M. Stan is a weekly columnist at The American Prospect


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