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Conspicuous construction: A trip to McMansion Hell.


Ask a kid to draw a house - they draw a box, a door in the center, two windows on each side and a triangle roof. Kids understand that's what a house looks like. These houses, when you really look at them, don't look like houses. They have a roof, they have a door, but they've lost so much of the qualities that tell us 'this is home.' And that makes people feel angry a lot of the time. Or sad. Or jealous.

Architecture critic Kate Wagner explores the nightmare architecture of the upwardly mobile, McMansions - as sites built without place, time or context, and contructed on a shaky foundation of late-stage capitalism and a managerial class ability to float above social and ecological concerns while the market is hot.

Kate is the mastermind behind the indispensable website McMansion Hell.

[Note: Kate took the site offline over some dubious legal bullshit from a real estate website. We hope things work out! Support Kate's work via Patreon.]

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Kate Wagner

Kate Wagner is the founder of McMansion Hell.


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