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On the politics of class and complicity in an age of anti-Muslim surveillance.

Jun 17 2017

When we place the blame squarely on Trump, we miss the ways we need to formulate solutions to the particular problem of Islamophobia that we face - and that is not going to be about fighting an individual, or an individual administration, it's going to require us to think historically about the multi-facted and enduring ways we've seen Islamophobia as a staple feature of the US racial landscape.

Anthropologist Nazia Kazi examines the modern mechanisms of surveillance and policing turned against Muslims in America - from the bipartisan growth and maintenance of Islamophobic policies for half a century, to liberalism's attempts to divide Muslims against each other, and towards service of America's racial and imperial order.

Nazia wrote the article Against a Muslim Misleadership Class for Jacobin.

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Nazia Kazi

Nazia Kazi is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Stockton University.


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