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Why economic solutions won't fix racial injustice problems.


No matter how much education a Black woman has in this country, she still is at a greater risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth than a White woman. The fact that those disparities persist across economic and educational lines shows that women can't earn their way out of this, and points to the fact that there is a much deeper problem in our society and economy.

Writer Andrea Flynn explains how a class-only, economics-focused political agenda fails to deliver justice for women of color, and why confronting the structural causes of inequalities around health, wealth and violence requires an intersectional focus and the willingness to listen to, and follow, the women leading grassroots resistance to racial and economic oppression.

Andrea wrote the report Justice Doesn’t Trickle Down: How Racialized and Gender Rules are Holding Women Back for the Roosevelt Institute.

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Andrea Flynn

Andrea Flynn is a writer, researcher and fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.


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