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Feminism's promise is not a place within capitalism - it's a place beyond it.


Even if women somehow gain power, there's still going to be some demographic that is the powerless, some demographic that is exploited and oppressed, because that's how our society functions. And so the only way to create true equality, not just for women but for everyone, is to found our society in some other idea, in some other structure. That to me is much more interesting, and much more necessary, than just putting more women on the board of Facebook.

Writer Jessa Crispin rejects today's mainstreamed, neoliberal feminism, and calls for a return to feminism's radical promise: as a sharp-edged, outsider's social critique, as a challenge to the supremacy of capitalism, and as a path towards a radically reorganized society.

Jessa wrote the book Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto from Melville House.

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Jessa Crispin

Jessa Crispin is a writer and the founder and editor of the magazines and


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