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Understanding the grim economics of incarcerated labor.


When you look at the demands that came out of Attica 45 years ago, and you look at most of the demands coming from Merced County Jail in California, or Kinross in Michigan, or the demands of Jailhouse Lawyers Speak in South Carolina, or the Free Alabama Movement - most of these demands are eerily similar to Attica.

Prison labor activist Azzurra Crispino explains how a nation-wide prison work stoppage revealed mass incarceration's large-scale exploitation of incarcerated labor, and the brutal lengths the state will go to protect its interests - and calls for the public to embrace love in the face of fear, and humanizing prisoners as a starting point on the road to prison abolition.

Azzurra last spoke to This Is Hell! on day two of the nation-wide prison work stoppage.

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Azzurra Crispino

Azzurra Crispino is the co-founder of Prison Abolition Prisoner Support (PAPS) a penpal to prisoners and peaceful street demonstration organization which has endorsed the September 9th prisoner strike. She is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Austin Community College and a contributing author to Real Drugs in a Virtual World.


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