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Understanding the role of US weapons and politics in Saudi Arabia's bombing of Yemen.

Sep 10 2016

Not only are we supplying the weapons, the ammunition and the diplomacy - but we've also had people advising them on targeting. The claim is that we tell them what they shouldn't target, but the implication is that we OK what they do target - which I have to repeat again includes schools, hospitals, universities, houses, museums and all the rest.

Journalist Andrew Cockburn follows Saudi bombs from the boardrooms of Washington to the ruins of Yemen - and explains how the Obama administration is arming and supporting Saudi Arabia's military campaign (and war crimes) and why US involvement in the conflict ultimately exposes the dominance of the military-industrial complex over concerns of foreign policy, regional stability and anti-terror measures.

Andrew wrote the Letter from Washington Acceptable Losses: Aiding and abetting the Saudi slaughter in Yemen for Harper's magazine.

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Andrew Cockburn

Andrew Cockburn is a writer and Washington Editor of Harper’s magazine.


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