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On Black politicians, White opinion and other roadblocks on the march to racial justice.


That everything we do must be somehow geared towards moving White opinion, to making the New York Times look upon the movement benignly, as if that is the purpose of Black people organizing among themselves - that reveals an attitude that is so destructive, and so racist. To believe that an oppressed people have no other reason to organize themselves than to somehow cultivate the opinions of the people who oppress them, that we don't have a right to exist and organize for our own purposes.

Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford examines new challenges to the Black Lives Matter movement - from the gun control misdirection of the Black political class, to the corporate media's calls for the movement to stand down in the days after the killing of five police officers in Dallas - and explains why the movement must ignore outside forces and march towards the next step for racial justice - Black community control of the police occupying their neighborhoods.

Glen posted the article Rulers Shocked by Dallas Attack: Black Folks Keep on Stepping at Black Agenda Report.

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