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Why limousine liberalism is driving the presidential campaign - on the left and right.


When it comes to upsetting the actual, underlying structure of the economy and political power, they say 'no, not that far' - and the classic case of that today is Hillary Clinton. She wasn't 'to the manor born,' but she's been adopted by the manor, and is a classic limousine liberal.

Historian Steve Fraser examines the politics and power of the iconic "limousine liberal" - from the Democratic party's allegiance to the longterm health of capitalism at the expense of its voters, to the fuel for a right-wing populist wave sinking the Republican establishment - and explains why this election season, and the enduring success of outsiders Sanders and Trump signal a shift in how Americans view the intersection of capitalism and politics.

Steve is author of the new book The Limousine Liberal: How an Incendiary Image United the Right and Fractured America from Basic Books.

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Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser is an author, historian and editor.


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