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This society is not holding together: On class denial and delusion in American politics.


We're a capitalist society, but we don't like to talk about that unless we want to boast about how terrifically rich we are - then we're willing to say it's capitalism that did that. But if you point to the inequality - the kind of health care we get, who breathes toxic air and who doesn't, who dies first and who dies last, who goes to good schools and who goes to bad schools - these are all symptoms of a class divided society. Then we don't talk about capitalism.

Historian Steve Fraser explains why the mass delusion of class denialism in post-WWII America blinds us to the deepening economic inequalities in our daily lives and robs us of the words and ideas necessary to challenge the political elites that are very aware of the class divide - and doing their best to stay on the other side

Steve is author of Class Matters: The Strange Career of an American Delusion from Yale University Press.

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Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser is an author, historian and editor.


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