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The case against work: Reclaiming purpose and productivity.


The dogma of economic growth ensures that any of the time saved through productive development gets reinvested in the production of more consumer goods, which gives us more commercialization and more stuff, but not really more of the things people really value - more time, more friendship, more leisure.

Sociologist David Frayne explores the revolutionary potential of work resistance - where people reject the pressures of constant consumption, and reclaim the free time capitalism seized from increased productivity and technology - working instead towards alternative systems of income distribution and personal identity, and a life filled with more art, more politics and more knowledge.

David is author of The Refusal of Work: The Theory and Practice of Resistance to Work from Zed Books.

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David Frayne

David Frayne is a lecturer and writer based in Cardiff, whose interests include alternative education, consumer culture, and radical perspectives on work.


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