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Chicago is not broke. Chicago is not broke. Chicago is not broke. Chicago is not broke.


Our mayor and governor are investment bankers, and in bed with investment bankers, are presiding over the strip mining of the public sector - and their answer to this woeful situation is not to reinvigorate the public sector, the answer is to have a fire sale. To give the public sector to their buddies so they can live a life of no-risk profits forever.

Civic educator Tom Tresser digs through Chicago's finances to explain how, despite the claims of mayor Rahm Emanuel, the city is not broke if you account for all the money the city is stealing through fraud and corruption, hiding from the public in TIFs, or not collecting from rich people, and why Chicago really needs not more privatization or deeper budget cuts, but a thorough forensic audit.

Tom is raising funds to publish the book We Are Not Broke: Funding the City We Deserve.

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Tom Tresser

Tom Tresser is a public defender, civic educator and lead organizer of the TIF Illumination Project.


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