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Beyond red dots: The case for sex offender registry reform.


All research illustrates that registries are not providing an answer, not building public safety, are not addressing the root causes - and are directing resources that could be used for communities, and for prevention and cultural changes and political changes. Registries are moving resources in the wrong direction.

Educational and public policy scholar Erica Meiners explores the boundaries sex offenders face in re-entering economic and civic life post-incarceration, and explains why current legislative and criminal justice policies fail to reduce crime or recidivism rates, and how communities and activists are rethinking harm reduction and safety policies, on their own terms.

Erica wrote the In These Times article We’re Rethinking Prisons. Is It Time to Rethink Sex Offender Registries?

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Erica Meiners

Erica R. Meiners is a professor of gender and women’s studies and education at Northeastern Illinois University.


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