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It was amazing to me that this sector of the economy that produced so many billionaires we just not getting looked at - how they make their money, who these people are, how they use their money to both bend the law to further protect their economic interest, and also to have effects on society more generally.

Journalist Michael Massing explains how the newsmedia fell behind one of the biggest stories of our time - the rise in wealth and power of the billionaire class - and why we need digital journalism to commit to on-going, in-depth coverage of the growing influence of the One Percent, in our economy and in our politics, if we hope to understand, let alone reclaim, public policy for the rest of us.

Michael wrote the recent New York Review of Books articles How to Cover the One Percent and Reimagining Journalism: The Story of the One Percent.


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Michael Massing

Michael Massing is a journalist and former executive editor of the Columbia Journalism Review.


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