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Development's dark side: US complicity in violence against the Philippine people.


Think back to Latin American in the 1980s. We're going down there, we're giving them weapons, we're training them. This is more than turning a blind eye - this is creating, and continuing a pattern of abuse by the military in the Philippines against its people.

Attorney Vanessa Lucas surveys the damage to land and lives done by the Philippine government for the interests of global corporate profit - violence committed to silence political dissent, but excused under the guise of fighting terrorism and communism - and explains why the US government is more than a bystander to the crimes committed against the Philippine people, it's an active partner.

Vanessa co-wrote the Foreign Policy in Focus article The Philippine People Are Under Attack from Washington - and Their Own Government.

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Vanessa Lucas

Vanessa Lucas is a partner at the law firm of Edelstein & Payne in Raleigh, North Carolina and chair of the National Lawyers Guild Philippines Subcommittee.


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