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Western complicity, then silence: A report from Beirut after the bombs.


What happened in the US since 9/11? An increase of the military budget at the expense of much needed social welfare, further eradication of civil rights, mass surveillance, 14 years of wars, interventions, torture, kidnappings, black sites and the growth of the national security state. And an increase in terrorism. Not a decrease.

Human rights activist Rania Masri questions the West's selective solidarity for victims of terrorism, and Western governments' complicity in creating, funding and sustaining the very forces it claims to oppose - a cycle of violence the victimizes those outside our solidarity - ordinary Muslims in the Middle East.

Rania was quoted in the Intitute for Public Accuracy's news release From Beirut After Bombing: 'We are Not Numbers'.

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Rania Masri

Rania Masri is a writer, environmental scientist and Associate Director of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University in Beirut


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