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Uncovering Chicago police secrets with the man fighting Homan Square.


It's a centralized, off-the-books, place where they can take you for hours, sometimes a day or two, keep you from your family and lawyer, if you have one, and try to extract information from you. It's primarily an intelligence gathering operation. And an intimidation operation.

Civil rights attorney Flint Taylor explains how the Chicago's Homan Square facility allows police to disappear, intimidate and torture detainees while a clueless local media nitpicks the the international newspaper that broke the story, and a cynical mayor uses evidence of police abuse to make the case for more police abuse.

Last week, Flint's law firm, the People's Law Office, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Chicago and six Chicago police officers.

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Flint Taylor

Flint Taylor is a founding partner of the People’s Law Office in Chicago.


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