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Neoliberal by degrees: The repackaging of an American college education.


All of the pathologies I see among college students at selective colleges, I see among our adult leadership class - they're very ambitious, but they're also very timid. They're risk averse. They don't seem to really care about other people. It's all about their own benefit.

Writer William Deresiewicz surveys the cost of a neoliberal university education - on student-consumers paying for security and conformity, on a culture dismantling the notions and mechanisms of a public good - and explains why the way out of the neoliberal education trap is the way out of neoliberalism itself - renewed egalitarianism and open access to society's wealth.

William is author of the September Harper's cover story The Neoliberal Arts: How college sold its soul to the market and the book Excellent Sheep.

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William Deresiewicz

William Deresiewicz is an essayist, cultural critic and author.


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