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Solidarity for All: Reclaiming democracy after austerity's failed experiments.

Jun 13 2015

We don’t want to be the alternative in a generalized system of inequality and injustice. We want to be the mainstream. This is the aim you have to have if you want to change the society.

Activist Christos Giovanopoulos outlines Europe’s path from neoliberal crisis to organized resistance, and explains how the Greek solidarity movement is creating new, self-organized spaces where democracy is reclaimed, and practiced in everyday life.

Christos worked on the paper Solidarity for All: Building Hope Against Fear and Devastation.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine

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Christos Giovanopoulos

Christos Giovanopoulos is an activist, a member of Greece’s Syriza Party, and works with the collective Solidarity4All.


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