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Episode 853


Jun 13 2015

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Yash Tandon

Trade is a weapon the West aims at the Global South.

Author and policy maker Yash Tandon challenges the West’s ideas of both free and fair trade, and explains how colonialism’s newest form is a consolidated, intergovernmental apparatus with the same goals as ever – resource extraction and labor exploitation.

Yash’s latest book is Trade Is War: The West’s War Against the World from OR Books.



Sam Quinones

Turning pills into heroin: How doctors and dealers created America's opiate boom.

Journalist Sam Quinones explores the factors behind America’s opiate boom, from the sudden rise in prescription painkillers to the sophisticated cartel distribution network taking advantage of a newly hooked nation.

Sam is author of the new book Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic.



Karen Dolan

Class incarceration: How America preys on its poorest citizens.

Policy analyst Karen Dolan explains how racism and austerity politics have turned the criminal justice system against poor Americans, brutalizing and imprisoning the powerless just to make up budget shortfalls.

Karen authored the report The Poor Get Prison: The Alarming Spread of the Criminalization of Poverty for the Institute for Policy Studies.



Peter Micek

An outsider's guide inside the United Nations NGO committee.

Former TiH! producer Pete Micek returns to the radio to explain the process of United Nations accreditation for NGOs, from the struggle to gain access to governments, to dealing with procedural infighting and suspicion about human rights groups.



Christos Giovanopoulos

Solidarity for All: Reclaiming democracy after austerity's failed experiments.

Activist Christos Giovanopoulos outlines Europe’s path from neoliberal crisis to organized resistance, and explains how the Greek solidarity movement is creating new, self-organized spaces where democracy is reclaimed, and practiced in everyday life.

Christos worked on the paper Solidarity for All: Building Hope Against Fear and Devastation.

Interview Transcript via Antidote Zine



Jeff Dorchen

A travel guide to the farthest regions of one's own self-identity.

Jeff Dorchen returns from his trip to India with baggage. And a comprehensive definition of tourism, and fermented mare’s milk, and an appreciation of cafe culture, and travel-sized Zen, and the limits of travel.