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Will I look back at this moment and think it was a turning point? I’m not so sure right now. I really don’t think that a whole lot of change is going to come just from this situation. But I do think that change is possible, and that yesterday was the first step in the right direction.

Live from Baltimore, writer Stacia L. Brown talks about politics and protest in the wake of Freddie Gray’s killing, from the media’s distorted portrait of her city, to the parallel legal reality of life in inner city America, and explains why she’s hopeful, but skeptical, about the prospects of justice for Freddie Gray and reform for Baltimore’s police force.

Stacia’s latest writing is Dispatch from Baltimore: Praying for Peace and Living Another Reality for The Nation and Looking While Black for The New Republic.

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Stacia Brown

Stacia L. Brown is a Baltimore-based freelance writer.


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