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A survey of modern elite child abuse, from Savile and Epstein to their enablers.


Sixty people came forward to say they had been abused, between the ages of 5 and 75 years old - from one hospital in Leeds. The census ranged from lewd remarks to sexual assault, and three cases of rape, between 1962 and 2009.

After a mysterious absence, Elvis DeMorrow returns to the Konspiracy Korner and makes up for lost time, with shout outs to David Icke and Cannibal Cop within the first five minutes of his segment, before briefing us on the world of elite sexual abuse, from Savile and Epstein to their connections that shielded them from scrutiny.

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Elvis DeMorrow

Elvis DeMorrow advocates ecstatic agnosticism when confronting the mostly hellish daily grind of contemporary USA.


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