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Occupy London School of Economics and the radical fight to reclaim the true value of education.


Education is something that benefits not only people that are able to receive it, but the whole society itself. That’s why we should not allow the educational system to be transformed into merely training grounds for profit-oriented companies, but should remember that knowledge and education are values that we aim for.

Occupy London School of Economics’ Manny Allamani talks about his group’s resistance against the marketization of public education, why universities have forgotten their true value, and the Occupy movement’s legacy on the goals and actions of a new generation of activists.

OccupyLSE has published statements, news and a list of demands of the university at their Tumblr.

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Manny Allamani

Manny Allamani is a graduate student of Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics, where he is currently occupying as part of OccupyLSE.


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