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Israel's War on Hospitals Includes Imprisoning Doctors / Kavitha Chekuru


The reality is that they've taken over 200 doctors at this point, detained them. There's more than 40 that are also missing. As far as I know, there hasn't been any specific mention of doctors within the negotiations for a ceasefire. But obviously the number of Palestinian detainees in Israel and in the occupied West Bank is enormous.

Kavitha Chekuru on her Intercept article, "Gaza's Stolen Healers: Hundreds of Palestinian Doctors Disappeared Into Israeli Detention."

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Kavitha chekuru

Kavitha Chekuru

Kavitha Chekuru is a journalist with “Fault Lines,” Al Jazeera English’s award-winning news documentary show. Her reporting focused on human rights and security has been recognized with the George Polk award, the Overseas Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists, and five News and Documentary Emmy nominations.