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Taking Down Fatphobia / Kate Manne


Fatphobia is so mired in late-stage capitalism's profiteering and exploitation of our understandable fears and worries about fat bodies. The diet, health and wellness, and fitness industries will have a combined annual revenue of 400 billion annually by 2030. These are multibillion dollar industries that are in any context making a massive profit out of people wanting to be thinner and trying to shrink their bodies in a way that is mostly futile in the sense of resulting in moderate short term weight loss and then almost inexorable weight regain. These cycles of weight coming on and coming off, losing, regaining, that turns out to be really bad for human health, really bad for our immune system, really bad for our guts, really bad for our metabolic systems, and really bad for mental health and cardiovascular systems. The whole host of problems that come with going up and down in weight in a way that these industries are driving and profiting from immensely.

Kate Manne returns to talk about her book, Unshrinking: How to Face Fatphobia.

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Kate Manne

Kate Manne is a writer and assistant professor of the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University.


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