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Crypto and The Silicon Valley Scam Economy / Hadas Thier

Cryptocurrency scams

The mainstream media is itself big business. The companies that run the media are run by billionaires and they're all part of promoting this whole idea that we live in some kind of meritocracy and the best rises to the top. This 30 year old kid who wears shorts and rumpled t shirts and has made billions of dollars in a short amount of time is the cream of the crop because he must be: look at how much money he's made. What shouldn't have been surprising to me but was still felt shockingly insulting is that after he went down all these mainstream media sources were poking at how much of a fraud he is with absolutely zero self reflection about the fact that the same people who are writing this now, months earlier were comparing him to JPMorgan and Warren Buffett.

Hadas Thier returns to talk about her Jacobin article, "The Rot of the Crypto Economy Goes Deeper Than Sam Bankman-Fried."

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Hadas Thier

Hadas Thier is an activist and writer.


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