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SuperTruth®: The Yellow Rain Of San Guadarico

Bananas egypt

The crazy thing about the School of Thought is that it believes people can be trained to debate rationally and learn to avoid cognitive biases. What they don’t understand is, for that to be effective in saving anything, there has to be a source of unbiased information. And we know there is no such reliable source.

Bananas raining from the sky? Doesn't such a thing literally fly in the face of reason?

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Jeff Dorchen

Jeff is a visual artist, songwriter/musician, actor, essayist, fiction writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter. He's been a playwright, songwriter, and performer with Chicago's Theater Oobleck since 1988, a writer and actor with Red Baron Films since 2000, and a contributor to This Is Hell! since 1996. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


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