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Understanding the Afghan government's slow collapse, and the Taliban's sudden return to power.


The government was fractured... there was very little strategic leadership. A lot of senior officials and senior security officials just decided to cut the process short. Why fight for another year or two if it's clear who's going to win? When they looked at their own government, they just couldn't see how it was going to win, and they couldn't see how long term it was going to hold together. Why not just immediately end up where you're going to end up anyway?

Writer and researcher Martine van Bijlert on her articles Is This How It Ends? With the Taleban closing in on Kabul, President Ghani faces tough decisions, The Taleban leadership converges on Kabul as remnants of the republic reposition themselves and Afghanistan Has a New Government: The country wonders what the new normal will look like for The Afghanistan Analysts Network.

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Martine van Bijlert

Martine van Bijlert is a writer, photographer and leading analyst on Afghanistan.


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