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Conflict, control and the transformation of retail labor under digitalization.


It's always a question of 'are we accepting the things our employers are implementing, or are we trying to have influence on that?' The technology implemented is always a kind of expression of a struggle taking place. I think, especially with management control, it's connected to an ideological shift towards a new type of management that's taking place, that might also affect the way we perceive ourselves at the workplace.

Janina Hirth and Markus Rhein on the dynamics of digital technology, management and labor relations in retail work, the possibility of cross-border solidarity along global value chains, and their article Algorithmic assembly lines: Digitalization and resistance in the retail sector for The Transnational Institute.

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Janina Hirth

Janina Hirth is a member of the transnationals information exchange network.


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Markus Rhein

Markus Rhein is a member of the transnationals information exchange network.


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