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On indigenous land management, and a space beyond colonialism.


Industrial capitalism has been the engine of the machinery which lead to the expansion to the 'New' world. Slavery benefits capitalism, and as that wealth is generated, it's used to further access indigenous lands, to furthur develop the US Army to be able to carry out more effective displacement of native people, and similarly in the use of military force at Standing Rock - we can see how capitalist wealth and industrial technology are used in the service of colonialism, and we can see how colonialism as an expansionist project is necessary for the generation of capitalist wealth.

Sociologist Kari Marie Norgaard explores the relationship between the Karuk people and the land of the Klamath Basin, and explains what indigenous ecological management reveals about nature and ourselves and the blindspots of a colonialist perspective on a precarious planet up against the limits of growth and accumulation.

Kari is author of Salmon and Acorns Feed Our People: Colonialism, Nature, and Social Action from Rutgers University Press.

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Kari Marie Norgaard

Kari Marie Norgaard is Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at University of Oregon.


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