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The chemical industry's toxic politics will give more Americans cancer.


Between 2008 and 2019 - so the past 12 years, the chemical industry has spent $1.4 billion on lobbying. When you look at these crazy numbers, and then you go to the communities and talk to the people who are getting the cancers, who are breathing in the crappy air they know is not good for them - there's just this vast chasm between the two - between this incredibly powerful industry, and the people breathing in their impact.

Journalist Sharon Lerner explains how a plan by the chemical industry and Trump EPA to weaken toxics regulations and corrupt health science and regulations is releasing more carcinogens into the environment, causing more death and more illness among the most vulnerable members of the American population.

Sharon wrote the article The War on the Wary on Cancer for The Intercept.

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Sharon Lerner

Sharon Lerner is a journalist, author, and radio producer covering environment and health for The Intercept.


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