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Left is the only way forward: Generational politics at the brink of disaster.


If we don't have a really radical transformation in our economic system - that the Green New Deal would only be the start of - we're looking at genocides that will make the 20th century genocides look minute. It makes my jaw drop when I see the resistance from the center, the refusal to face up to the facts that we don't live in 2006 anymore. We live in a totally different world, and the politics that were around before the crisis of 2008 - they're just not of any use anymore.

Activist Keir Milburn explains how left politics opened up for young people - as left/right politics increasingly align over generational lines in the decade of austerity and political crisis post-2008 financial collapse, a massive restructuring of society must happen to save humanity from the disasters of capital and climate, and today's leaders have no plans for tomorrow.

Keir is author of the book Generation Left from Polity.

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Keir Milburn

Keir Milburn is a writer, activist and Lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation at the University of Leicester.


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