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Episode 1072

Young Living

Sep 7 2019

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Brian Hioe

What's next for Hong Kong? Democratic demands and the corporatist state.

Journalist Brian Hioe reports on the present and future of Hong Kong's mass protest movement - after (seemingly) defeating the extradition bill that sparked the uprising, a split between the island's economic elites, increasing police violence and the Chinese state's uncertainty over what happens next will test the movement's commitment to unanswered demands for universal suffrage and democratic gains.

Brian wrote the article Withdrawal of the extradition bill in Hong Kong is likely too little, too late to put an end to protests for New Bloom.



Alex Adams

Torture and the bomb that never existed.

Writer Alex Adams examines the use of the ticking time bomb scenario in contemporary politics and media - as an absurd, ubiquitous and fictional justification for real life torture programs, and psychological cover for the fearful authoritarian personality and the actual authoritarians looming above us all.

Alex is author of the book How to Justify Torture: Inside the Ticking Bomb Scenario from Repeater Books.



Keir Milburn

Left is the only way forward: Generational politics at the brink of disaster.

Activist Keir Milburn explains how left politics opened up for young people - as left/right politics increasingly align over generational lines in the decade of austerity and political crisis post-2008 financial collapse, a massive restructuring of society must happen to save humanity from the disasters of capital and climate, and today's leaders have no plans for tomorrow.

Keir is author of the book Generation Left from Polity.