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Abolition or reform at the edge of carceral reconfiguration?


These reforms, even though they call themselves 'decarceration' and claim to be addressing mass incarceration, they're not undoing it, they're just transforming it to mass supervision, and incarceration in your home or neighborhood while you're still reporting to an authority who is supervising you - you don't have full citizenship status and the government is able to violate your civil and human rights

Colleen Hackett and Ben Turk examine the space between radical and elitist strategies of decarceration - as popular pressure rises against mass incarceration, the carceral machine will adapt and expand beyond prisons, while reinforcing its own logic unless challenged by an abolitionist vision of a society free from state and capitalist violence.

[Audio cleans up by 4:00, stick with it]

Ben and Colleen wrote the chapter "Shifting Carceral Landscapes: Decarceration and the Reconfiguration of White Supremacy" in the book Abolishing Carceral Society from Common Notions.

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Ben Turk

Ben Turk is a prison abolitionist, coeditor of The Fire Inside and member of Milwaukee Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.





Colleen Hackett

Colleen Hackett is an educator and critical criminologist at Colorado State University in Pueblo.


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