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Choosing between extinction and rebellion - while there's still time.


We're asking people to tell the truth. One of our top lines is 'tell the truth, tell the truth.' Well, the truth is the environmental movement is failing catastrophically and we're heading for total ecological collapse, which will cause societal collapse. And that's something the environmental movement needs to be honest with itself about. It's not that they aren't great people who do great things, it's that the situation is so bad that the work we've been doing collectively is simply not enough.

Extinction Rebellion's Clare Farrell previews the global fight for survival on a dying planet - from the movement's strategies around mass arrest and working to influence other environmental groups, to the uses of confrontation and dilemma to challenge power in a world with just a little time left.

Clare is a co-founder of the movement Extinction Rebellion. There's a Chicago branch now too.

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Clare Farrell

Clare Farrell is an activist and founding member of Extinction Rebellion.


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